Repair Services

* All prices subject to change based on condition of the instrument.


Setups - $75

Every guitar's setup fluctuates with changes in weather and due to use. Keeping your instrument properly setup and adjusted will lengthen it's life and make playing it more enjoyable every time you pick it up.  

My setups include adjustment of the following: truss rod, bridge height, pickup height and intonation. All the hardware on your instrument will be checked to make sure it's properly secured and the entire instrument will be given a thorough cleaning. Strings and tax not included.

Refret - $350

Sometimes it's just better to refret your instrument rather than level the frets. Either the fingerboard has warped so much that it needs to be planed, or the frets have worn past the point that leveling isn't an option. 

The frets will be carefully pulled to limit the amount of fretboard chip-up, the fingerboard leveled, and new frets installed. The instrument will then be reassembled and setup.  The above price is where this kind of job starts. There are many factors that could increase the price of a refret. Please ask for a quote before work starts. Strings and tax not included. 


It may seem easy and self explanatory, but I've seen some absolute horrors when it comes to restringing a guitar. Poorly strung guitars can suffer from tuning problems and decrease the life of your strings. I'm happy to show you how to properly string your guitar with the purchase of a set of strings. 

Fret Leveling - $150

Over time (or even sometimes from the start) guitars can develop buzzes that no amount of adjusting will fix. This can be due to movement in the neck woods, or simply from wearing down the frets from use. A level playing surface is an absolutely essential factor on a great playing instrument. 

Once level, the frets will be crowned and polished and your instrument setup. Strings and tax not included. 

Electronics Mod & Maintnence

The first thing to go on a guitar is usually the electronics. Moisture and constant use can wear out these small parts. Cleaning is an option, but often replacing the parts is best to avoid issues. I carry a number of high quality potentiometers and other electronics of many sizes and values.

Other times you might wanna just try a new pickup or a new value pot or capacitor. I'm happy to help you find the right combo for you and your guitar. 

Prices are based on each individual project. Please email or call for a quote. 

Everything else 

I've had experience working on guitars in need of almost any repair. From broken headstocks and replacing fingerboards all the way to plugging and redrilling strap button holes.  If you have a question about any repair, please call or email me and we can work out how to get your guitar back into action.